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Stream waaz on TV

This post is regarding how to stream waaz on TV. Depending on your TV we have solutions for it.

  • Browser on TV:

To stream waaz on smart TV is pretty simple as most smart TV with inbuilt browser or 3rd party browser application can be used to stream website directly on them. Just access the website in the browser on TV and login with credentials and streaming will be running, full screen the video and you are good to go

  • Screen Mirroring:

For TV's that use some external devices, like amazon firestick, google chrome cast, or any other devices, you need to check if that device supports browser application or not. If yes than you can follow steps same as smart TV, or else, you can use screen mirroring from your mobile to TV. Search for screen cast/screen mirroring options in your mobile phone settings and enable it. Once done it will search options available, connect to your TV name and now access website on your mobile using browser like edge, google chrome. Full screen the video after login and keep mobile near TV.

  • HDMI/VGA connections:

For TV's excluding old CRT TVs most have ports HDMI or VGA. So if you have a laptop so you can connect laptop screen to the TV using and of this 2 connecting wires, you need to check first if your laptop and TV has these ports or not. Ports are shown below.

HDMI -->

<-- VGA

After you connect your laptop with TV, press Windows+P keys and select duplicate. Browse website on laptop and full screen the video you can see on TV. Note that HDMI will transfer audio and video to TV however, VGA will transfer only Video for audio you can connect speakers in laptop if volume is low.


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